Our Coaching Team

Our experienced and qualified coaches have a proven track record at national and international level (The Summit) of getting the best out of our athletes while having a lot of fun along the way.  They include a British Gymnastics tumbling coach to help all our athletes excel at their chosen sport. This impressive team combined with our leading training facilities at the Wolverines Cheer Academy gives our teams the perfect training environment to progress and develop to their maximum.


“I want our athletes to be the best they can be.  We work hard, have lots of fun and embrace the challenges that competition brings.  We give every opportunity and support for our athletes to work to reach the next level. We want them to pick up life skills that go beyond cheerleading such as confidence, teamwork, commitment and communication.   We create a “one family” atmosphere where we are all proud of each others successes and support each other through the challenging times. That’s what Wolverines is all about. ” Head Coach, Kayleigh Coco.

  • Kayleigh Fennell Head Coach

    Kayleigh has been involved with All-Star/University Cheerleading since 2010, earning her a wealth of experience as both an athlete, coach and judge, having competed and coached all-star teams nationally with great success as well as coaching in local schools.

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  • Chloe Pullen Head Tumble Coach / Coach

    Chloe joined the Basingstoke Wolverines in 2009 and has grown and developed with the club, constantly pushing the boundaries of what she’d believed she was capable of as an athlete.

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  • Ellie Siddals Assistant Coach

    Ellie Siddals is an athlete on our Rogue Senior COED Level 3 squad and was selected under our Junior Coaching programme due to her enthusiasm and passion for the club.

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  • Megan Cathers Junior Coach

    Lauren Desouza joined the Basingstoke Wolverines in 2009 at the age of six and was a member of the Basingstoke Wolverines squad who became Future Cheer National Champion in 2017.

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  • Olivia Pullen Assistant Coach

    Olivia started cheerleading at the age of just six years old and has been part of the Basingstoke Wolverines since 2009 and a member of the team achieving Future Cheer National Champions in 2017.

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