Our Charity

Wolverine’s charitable aim is to give opportunity to all suitable young athletes to participate and develop as a person through top flight competitive cheerleading irrespective of their financial situation.  Set up as the regions only Cheer charity we aim to keep subscriptions as low as possible and support our members in times of financial hardship so the athletes can continue their cheer pathway and achieve their full potential.

Competitive Cheer is a very challenging team sport.  Highly competitive, it requires bravery, ambition, dedication, discipline, teamwork, strength, fitness and agility.  Similar to Rugby it has opportunities for all shapes and sizes and creates amazing camaraderie and loyalty across social, all religious and ethnic groups.  These are all the skills and experiences that will stand our cheerleaders in good stead for the rest of their lives.

From our young athletes perspective it is also “cool” which makes it a desirable form of fitness and partly explains why Wolverines has grown by over 200% from 21 to 65 members in just 21 months.  The organisation has expanded rapidly, it successfully competes with 5 teams at the top national competitions, frequently achieving a top 5 placing. Ultimately competitive success is what drives our athletes.

Our Community Fund

This fund assists members who are suffering, often temporary, financial hardships and are acknowledged as living below the national living wage.  Up to 20% of our athletes may be benefitting at any one time.  It helps with monthly subscriptions, uniform and competition entry fees.  Each assistance program is set up to suit the individual’s needs on a strictly confidential basis and is reviewed regularly against government set criteria.

Our community fund relies heavily on donations and grants, without our funders generous support up to 12 athletes would not be able to participate.  This would directly impact all the teams and our 65 members.  We need your help, if you or your organisation would like to contribute to or sponsor this social program, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss in more detail and answer any specific queries.



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